Superplant – 600W – Magnētisks barošanas bloks HPS/MH

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Discover the Superplant Magnetic 600W Gear Box ballast
Professional and amateur gardeners and horticulturalists alike are looking for reliable results for their HID lighting needs, look no further than high quality, long life Magnetic Ballast!
Robust quality and the highest level of insulation (class-H). Easy operation, eliminating headaches, thanks to its ” plug and play ” system for a 220/240-volt power supply. This HPS / MH Ballast includes a 220-240 volt power cable. Suitable for HPS and MH lamps.

How to use the Superplant Magnetic Gear Box ballast?

Open the box and place the ballast on a flat surface or bench. Plug the lamp cord/plug into the ballast output socket. Place the appropriate HPS or MH lamp in the lamp socket. Plug the ballast power plug into the wall outlet. Turn on the ballast and the lamp should start. The lamp normally takes 5-10 minutes to reach full power.
There is no adjustment and control switch used in the ballast.

Technical characteristics and components of the Superplant Gear Box magnetics ballasts:

  • CE certified.
  • Metal case capacitor used for long-lasting performance.
  • Easy installation on a suitable surface thanks to the rubber feet.
  • Reduces noise and vibrations in operation.
  • Output socket compatible with reflector power cords.
  • Just insert the appropriate lamp into the reflector, plug in the ballast and it works (Plug & Play).
  • All of our magnetic ballasts are built for a 10-year lifespan with a 2-year warranty.
  • Comes standard with a 220-240V power cord.
  • The ballast consists of a solid powder-coated steel housing with ventilation slots all around.
  • HPS / MH (100V, 6.2A) INPUT 220-240V 50Hz, 2.8A
  • 60uF 250V capacitor
  • Power factor capacitor
  • Impulse igniter
  • Connection – 1.2-meter power socket with IEC plug
  • Lamp – female connector output
  • Enclosure – powder-coated metal foil enclosure
  • Rubber feet

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Discover the Magnetic ballast from Superplant, with fuse and IEC cable for HPS and MH 600W!

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